What Are the Ultimate Challenges to Presenting/Managing a CPD Event?

SOLVED: Easily Build a Critical Mass Participation/Audience

Hosting a successful CPD event involves promoting and selling that event to an audience of minimum quota size to ensure the viability and usefulness of the event.  CPD.Legal involves a database of users that have already registered, and have already expressed their eager interest in specific topics/areas-of-law, and as legal professionals, their governing body (ie: Law Society of Ontario) compels them to enroll in CPDs - such as yours.  Within CPD.Legal, mass of your potential participation-audience is already here, waiting to be notified about an event such as your; they are both required and eagerly ready, to sign up for your CPD event.

Presenters of CPDs

As a presenter of Continuing Professional Development sessions, you are very familiar with the time, the energy, and the costs, associated with an event.  Conducting promotions for your event within various social media channels is a lot of work effort, and work effort that would be better spent preparing for your presentation.  Additionally, processing payments, sending out handout materials, sending out the Zoom (or other) links, issuing Certificate of Participation documents to those who attended, and archiving your presentation for further access or future purpose, is all extensively challenging yet necessarily required.

Well, CPD.Legal is making the work of presenting Continuing Professional Development sessions much easier.  Imagine an automated system that:

  • Will send notifications and reminders to hundreds, or even thousands, of legal practitioners who are subscribed and wanting to receive the details of your events;
  • Will automatically process payments via Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, or eTransfer, and keep you updated in real-time with participant enrollment details;
  • Will automatically distribute, at a time that you designate, your pre-loaded handout materials as well as event login details;
  • Will automatically generate and distribute a Certificate of Attendance (in PDF) for each of your event participants;
  • Will archive the video, audio, handouts, and other materials, from your event and do so with your choice of open access or paid access;
  • Will automatically run a feedback and suggestion survey on your behalf; and
  • Will save you the time, the effort, and the cost, of doing all these functions.

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