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"The natural desire of good men is knowledge." ~ Leonardo da Vinci

"Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance." ~ Confucius

"The only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance." ~ Herodotus

"Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing." ~ Warren Buffet

"Knowledge is the life of the mind." ~ Abu Bakr


Writing & Drafting
Up to Nine (9) CPD Hours

Part 1 - Improve Your Writing
Learn About:
  • The general rules for writing professionally and persuasively;
  • The specific rules for writing factually and for organizing a chronology;
  • The specific rules for reducing confusion by avoiding personal pronouns;
  • The reasons why writing to the reader rather than writing from the writer is more persuasive; and
  • The much more that professional litigators should know about writing effective emails and letters.

Part 2 - Drafting a Pleading
Up to 3 Substantive CPD Hours
Learn About:
  • The general rules for drafting a pleading;
  • The specific rules for drafting a Plaintiff's Claim in Small Claims Court;
  • The specific rules for drafting a Defence in Small Claims Court;
  • The reasons why Small Claims Court pleadings should be drafted as if the pleading is for the Superior Court; and
  • The much more that professional litigators should know about drafting a pleading.

Part 3 - Drafting An Affidavit
Up to 3 Substantive CPD Hours
Learn About:
  • The general rules for drafting an Affidavit;
  • The general rules for commissioning an Affidavit;
  • The specific rules for drafting an Affidavit including avoiding hearsay, stating only truthfully known facts, avoiding conclusion statements, requirement of relevance and the risks of defamation including limits upon privilege;
  • The much more that professional litigators should know about drafting an Affidavit.

Part 4 - Drafting a Release
Up to 3 Substantive CPD Hours
Learn About:
  • The general rules for drafting a release including the implied term of a release upon settlement;
  • The purpose of a Mary Carter or Pierringer agreement for single-party settlement in multi-party litigation;
  • The principle of finality including the Sinclair-Cockburn doctrine; and
  • The much more that professional litigators should know about drafting a release.

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Tort Law Talk
Up to Nine (9) CPD Hours

Three Video Event
Learn About:
  • The elements constituting dozens of unique torts;
  • The defences available to many commonly litigated torts;
  • The various heads of damages applicable to various torts;
  • The torts commonly litigated in Small Claims Court;
  • The torts arising from prosecutorial misconduct;
  • The torts that may vitiate the ad idem element of contracts; and
  • The tort knowledge you need to know to serve your clients well.

The handout acts as excellent secondary source material containing more than 200 pages of tort law information and supported with fully cited case law all linked to CanLII.

As a legal practitioner, regardless of your scope of practice, your clients depend on you to understand the tort law issues that apply to a given situation, whether directly related to the matter at hand, or as a side issue.

Tort is the area of law that addresses many conduct concerns, whether as innocent wrongs, negligent wrongs, or intentional wrongs.

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Contracts Beyond Textbooks
Up to Three (3) CPD Hours

Three Hour Video
Learn About:
  • What Is An Agreement to Agree?
  • What Is Meant By a Contract to Contract?
  • What Is the Contra Proferentem Doctrine?
  • What Happens When a Contract Contains Impossible Conditions?
  • What Is An Onerous Term Contract?
  • What Is the Parol Evidence Rule and What Are the Exceptions?
  • What Is Required For An Amendment of an Agreement That States Any Amendments Must Be In Writing?
  • What Makes a Signature Upon a Contract Irrefutable Proof of Contracting Intention?
  • What Is the Requirement of Honesty In Contract Performance?
  • What Is Repudiation of An Agreement?
  • What Is Meant By Conduct Changes Contract?
  • What Is Involved In Binding Via Agency?
  • What Are the Rules to Interpreting Contracts?
  • What Is Involved In Surrounding Circumstances Interpretation?

The Contracts Beyond Textbooks presentation provides an refresher on introductory contract law principles and then transitions into intermediate level principles that are highly relevant to everyday litigation.  Understanding the practical aspects of contract law requires much more than just knowing the six elements of contract formation.

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What Does      


      Help You Do?

For both presenters and participants of Continuing Professional Development events, the CPD.Legal platform provides tools to make presentation and participation easier and better.

Presenters of CPDs

As a presenter of Continuing Professional Development sessions, you are very familiar with the time, the energy, and the costs, associated with an event.  Conducting promotions for your event within various social media channels is a lot of work effort, and work effort that would be better spent preparing for your presentation.  Additionally, processing payments, sending out handout materials, sending out the Zoom (or other) links, issuing Certificate of Participation documents to those who attended, and archiving your presentation for further access or future purpose, is all extensively challenging yet necessarily required.

Well, CPD.Legal is making the work of presenting Continuing Professional Development sessions much easier.  Imagine an automated system that:

  • Will send notifications and reminders to hundreds, or even thousands, of legal practitioners who are subscribed and wanting to receive the details of your events;
  • Will automatically process payments via Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, or eTransfer, and keep you updated in real-time with participant enrollment details;
  • Will automatically distribute, at a time that you designate, your pre-loaded handout materials as well as event login details;
  • Will automatically generate and distribute a Certificate of Attendance (in PDF) for each of your event participants;
  • Will archive the video, audio, handouts, and other materials, from your event and do so with your choice of open access or paid access;
  • Will automatically run a feedback and suggestion survey on your behalf; and
  • Will save you the time, the effort, and the cost, of doing all these functions.

Participants of CPDs

As a participant of Continuing Professional Development sessions, searching various sources looking for education events that align with your areas of interest can be very wasteful of your valuable time.  Instead, imagine a one-stop source to obtain details about upcoming events as well as to access the videos, audios, and handouts, of past events would be of great help.  Even better would be an ability to subscribe to receive notifications about upcoming events on topics, or presenters, of interest.

Well, CPD.Legal is where this imagination becomes reality whereas you can (soon) subscribe to receive notifications for upcoming Continuing Professional Development events available from your favourite presenters or about specific topics.  The CPD.Legal system:

  • Will enable you to subscribe to receive notifications for coming events involving your favourite education topics or from your favourite presenters;
  • Will provide 24/7 online registration with payment by Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX, processed safely and securely by Stripe;
  • Will automatically schedule the event into your Google Calendar to ensure that you keep the date and time reserved without conflict;
  • Will automatically send you, by email, text, or both, all handout material as well as online login details;
  • Will automatically archive your Certificate of Attendance documents for easy retrieval in the event of a Law Society audit;
  • Will automatically track your completed as well as required CPD hours and keep you on track to fulfill your requirements by year-end;
  • Will provide access to archived presentations that you may have missed; and
  • Will save you the time, the effort, and the stress, of managing your CPD needs.

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