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Enhancing CPD Events with CPD.Legal Tools

Presenters of CPDs

Presenting Continuing Professional Development sessions demands significant time, effort, and resources.  Promoting events across social media, managing payments, distributing materials and links, issuing attendance certificates, and archiving presentations are essential but daunting tasks.

However, CPD.Legal simplifies these processes for CPD session presenters.  Consider an automated system that:

  • Sends notifications and reminders to a large pool of legal professionals interested in your events;
  • Handles payments via major credit cards or eTransfer, updating you with enrollment details in real time;
  • Distributes pre-loaded handout materials and event login details at your specified time;
  • Generates and sends a PDF Certificate of Attendance to each participant;
  • Archives event videos, audios, handouts, with either open or paid access;
  • Conducts feedback and suggestion surveys on your behalf; and
  • Saves you time, effort, and costs associated with these functions.
Participants of CPDs

For CPD session attendees, finding educational events that match your interests can be time-consuming. A central source for upcoming events, along with access to past event materials, would be highly beneficial. Subscription options for notifications on preferred topics or presenters would enhance this experience.

CPD.Legal turns this vision into reality. With a subscription, you can get notifications about upcoming CPD events from favorite presenters or on specific topics. The CPD.Legal system:

  • Allows subscription to notifications for events on chosen topics or from favored presenters;
  • Schedules events in your Calendar to avoid conflicts;
  • Sends handout materials and online login details via email or text;
  • Keeps your Certificate of Attendance documents easily accessible for audits;
  • Tracks your completed and required CPD hours, helping you meet year-end requirements;
  • Provides access to archived presentations you may have missed; and
  • Saves you time, effort, and stress in managing your CPD activities.

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