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Understand the principles of corporate veil protection and various exceptions, among other nuances, including:

  • The limits of personal liability protection provided by the corporate veil,
  • The rights to sue owners, directors, managers, and employees, of a corporation,
  • The Salomon Rule limitations,
  • The Said v. Butt exception to the Salomon Rule,
  • The ADGA reminder of the Said v. Butt exception,
  • The status of the successor liability principles in Canada,
  • The reason why judges are often wrong and are impliedly accusing millions of insurance professionals of being involved in a trillion dollar per year fraud upon the public,

and much more.

Learn what every legal practitioner needs to know.

About the Presenter:

Scott McEachern is a former commercial insurance broker and risk manager with thousands of businesses served during an eighteen (18) year career prior to becoming a litigation paralegal and now consultant and coach to lawyers, paralegals, among others.  With a primary focus on commercial liability issues including special risks such as corporate directors' and officers' liability as well as the personal liability risks faced by managers, employees, and volunteers, working in business environments, Scott is very knowledgeable on this topic and brings many intriguing experience based anecdotes to the discussion.

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Materials Included:

  • A handout containing extensive case law, fully cited, and linked to CanLII, for convenient future use as quick reference secondary source material.
  • A three (3) hour video of interactive anecdotal discussion sharing the practical experience insights from various participating legal representatives.
  • A Certificate of Participation that syndicates to your Profile page throughout the Success.Legal network.

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"Great program. Recommend this program to any new (even older) paralegal planning on doing small claims court. Very important to understand and Scott explains this very well with established case law."
~ Chris Hall

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~ Ryan Swalm

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