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For paralegals wanting to gain an understanding of the legal duties and requirements when providing services as a Notary Public.

Expected Takeaways

The Notary Public Duties presentation explains:

  • The various August 1 2020 amendments to the Notaries Act as applicable to paralegals;
  • The legal requirements and competencies required of a paralegal acting as a Notary Public;
  • The directives from the Law Society of Ontario and Ministry of the Attorney General involving misinformation regarding remote witnessing as a Notary Public;
  • The much more information that a paralegal acting as a Notary Public should know.

Presenter: Laurie Marshall

Laurie Marshall has been practicing in the legal field for over thirty-five (35) years in the areas of Small Claims, Provincial Offences, Human Rights, and Immigration.  Laurie is a full-time faculty member at Durham College instructing at various times in the law clerk and paralegal programs.  Mentoring paralegal students, graduates, and licensees, is a primary passion of Laurie and she is the founder of the Durham College (CIJS) CPD Enrichment Nights and an active member of the LSO Coach and Advisor Network.  In past years, Laurie sat on the Board of Directors of Community Justice Alternatives of Durham Region and the Ontario Paralegal Association.  Most recently, Laurie has served with the Durham Community Legal Clinic and Access to Justice Hub.

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