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Watch Your Step.

Managing Occupier Liability Concerns

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CPD - Watch Your Step.


Person Falling On Icy StairsFar beyond just concerns for personal injury lawyers, there are many reasons why lawyers and paralegals need to understand the legal duties requiring occupiers of premises to keep those premises reasonably safe.

Watch Your Step! explains:

  • the occupier duties to the general public
  • the rights and duties owed as between occupiers
  • the common contractual risk management practices put into place between owners, tenants, and contractors, for shifting the financial burden of defending a slip & fall incident
  • the the common pitfalls and shortcomings within contracts between owners, tenants, and contractors when attempting to manage slip and fall liability
  • the newly enacted Bill 118 changes to the Occupiers' Liability Act
  • the reasons why legal professionals, beyond just personal injury lawyers, including those who provide services addressing landlord and tenant disputes, argue contract disputes between property owners and contractors, and the many other concerns that will be discussed

Event Details:

On Monday, December 21st, from 6:00PM to 9:00PM, Scott McEachern summarizes 25 years worth of knowledge and experience relating to risk management involving occupier liability issues and will explain the benefits and shortcomings of the recently enacted Bill 118 changes to the Occupers' Liability Act.

Only 50 virtual seats will be available so sign up early.

  • $33.90 including HST (before December 18th)
  • $56.50 including HST (after December 18th)

Register by credit card via the form to the left or send eTransfer with your Full Name, Email, and Phone Number to cpd4u@outlook.com or contact Scott at (905) 926-1526 for more details.

What Was Said After the Last Seminar?

"Scott McEachern, you did it again. You provided an incredibly informative, great, and well-organized CPD on Insurance Law Principles with very detailed materials. Thank you for your dedication to the profession." ~ Parisa Hooshmand

"I was quite impressed and informed." ~ Lisa Brown

"Scott Rocks." ~ John Papadakis

... that is what I call a properly set up CPD in capital letters ..." ~ Sandy Azevedo

"Thank you Scott for an amazing CPD." ~ Suneeta Swarath

"Great presentation!  Really enjoyed." ~ Ryan Swalm

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