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CPD - Defective Workmanship Litigation


Desk Set Up For Online WebinarFor every legal practitioner whose clients are property owners, contractors, project managers, among others, and who may need to pursue, or defend, allegations of faulty construction or renovation projects.

Defective Workmanship Litigation explains:

  • The law of what actually defines a defect;
  • The implied warranty applicable to defects;
  • The right to, and duty to, mitigate defects;
  • The liability upon a contractor for cost to correct hazards even before a problem arises;
  • The limits of personal liability protection provided by the supposed corporate veil;
  • The vicarious liability upon a general contractor for defects by subcontractors;
  • The strategy for determining who to name and include in defects litigation;
  • The applicability of general damages within a defects case; and
  • The many more issues that you need to know about for these cases.

Event Details:

This presentation will be held in one session

from 6:00PM to 9:00PM on Wednesday, March 31st

Three hours of the CPD substantive law knowledge that you need.

Don't miss out on this informative and entertaining opportunity to learn what you need to know about defective workmanship litigation.

Only 50 virtual seats will be available so sign up early.

  •   $56.50 including HST (first 25 people) - 50% off
  • $113.00 including HST

Register by credit card via the form to the left or send eTransfer with your Full Name, Email, and Phone Number to or contact Scott at (905) 926-1526 for more details.

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