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Cases involving contractors and renovators are very common especially for those with defective workmanship allegations.
Learn what every legal practitioner needs to know.

Expected Takeaways

The Defective Work Litigation presentation explains:

  • The law of what actually defines a defect;
  • The implied warranty applicable to defects;
  • The right to, and duty to, mitigate defects;
  • The liability upon a contractor for cost to correct hazards even before an actual problem arises;
  • The limits of personal liability protection provided by the supposed corporate veil;
  • The vicarious liability upon a general contractor for defects by subcontractors;
  • The strategy for determining which contractors and subcontractors to name as defendants;
  • The applicability of general damages for stress and delays within a defects case; and
  • The many more issues that you need to know about these construction law cases.

Get this informative and entertaining presentation and learn what you need to know about various construction law principles!  Learn the knowledge you need to be the best that you can be.

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