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For paralegals, with lawyers also welcome, who are wanting to improve advocacy representation skills including better understanding of the requirements and practicalities of effective litigation.


The Improving Your Advocacy presentation (Advocacy - Courtroom Etiquette and Courtesy) explains:

  • The importance of speaking clearly and concisely;
  • The required etiquette both in court and out of court;
  • The direct examination, cross examination, and reply examination process;
  • The courtesy requirements within Rule 4 and Rule 7 of the Paralegal Rules of Conduct;
  • The practicality of courtesy when communicating with opposing counsel;
  • The duties owed to a client, to the court, and potential conflicts within;
  • The proper communication with unrepresented parties;
  • The proper communication with witnesses;
  • The much more information that a paralegal or lawyer should know.

Presenter: Laurie Marshall with Drew Samuels

Laurie Marshall has been practicing in the legal field for over thirty-five (35) years in the areas of Small Claims, Provincial Offences, Human Rights, and Immigration.  Laurie is a full-time faculty member at Durham College instructing at various times in the law clerk and paralegal programs.  Mentoring paralegal students, graduates, and licensees, is a primary passion of Laurie and she is the founder of the Durham College (CIJS) CPD Enrichment Nights and an active member of the LSO Coach and Advisor Network.  In past years, Laurie sat on the Board of Directors of Community Justice Alternatives of Durham Region and the Ontario Paralegal Association.  Most recently, Laurie has served with the Durham Community Legal Clinic and Access to Justice Hub.

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Access to the video recording and handout materials are available for one-time only viewing within thirty (30) days of purchase.

Get this informative and entertaining presentation and learn what you need to know about advocacy for paralegals!  Learn the knowledge you need to be the best that you can be.

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